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Verpakking met 10 Adrenaline Wipes




There’s a dirty little secret in the bowling industry, and it affects bowling ball performance. PowerhouseTM now introduces the product bowlers have been waiting for to improve their ball’s performance – Adrenaline® Ball Steroid Wipes.

Bowlers spend hundreds of dollars purchasing equipment every year to stay competitive. They follow that up with cleaners, polishes, and resurfacing procedures to maintain their equipment. Regular maintenance of bowling balls is crucial to extending their performance, and bowlers do their best to care for the equipment they depend on for success.

A lot is happening to these bowling balls that has an adverse effect on them. The ball thumps down on the hard surface of the lane – a lane which can be made of hard work or an even harder synthetic. The impact of the pins as the ball crashes through, and the bang of the ball against all the hard rubber and metal parts within the lane machine and ball return. In addition, bowling balls spend their non-bowling lives stuffed in a dark bag, exposed to all manner of cold, heat, and humidity throughout the year.

The invisible enemy, however, is the oil applied to the surface of the lane, which soaks into the porous surface of the ball and negatively affects the performance of that ball.

There are numerous cleaners (Powerhouse’s most popular is called Energizer) and polishes that remove some oil from the surface of the ball, also removing any dirt and residue on the surface of the ball. Powerhouse’s new Adrenaline is the first product in the history of bowling that helps to remove oil caught deep within the pores beneath the surface of the ball.

Product Design Engineering Manager Ron Hickland breaks down how the process works.

“The ability to absorb oil is a crucial element in creating aggressive ball reaction,” said Hickland. “Increased oil absorption means increased friction on the lane. Friction is necessary to create hook. Hook creates entry angle, and therefore increases striking potential. Increased striking potential is what every bowler wants.”

Hickland acknowledges that there may be other ways to remove deeply embedded oil from the ball, but Adrenaline is the only product available which removes the oil in a non-aggressive manner that is not detrimental to the bowling ball.

“Resurfacing machines helps to combat the wear and tear on the outer surface as well,” he explained. “But it doesn’t go deep enough to remove the oil under the surface, so bowlers are often frustrated when they have their ball resurfaced but don’t get the out-of-the box reaction they remembered having with a new ball.”

Powerhouse Adrenaline Ball Steroid Wipes use a micro-pore penetrating action that safely restores and increases oil absorption in all reactive bowling balls. In addition to increasing oil absorption, research shows that over time, without re-surfacing a ball, Adrenaline enhances ball reaction.

“Managing your ball’s performance is the key,” said Hickland. “Adrenaline means it’s now a three-part process. Clean your ball using an approved cleaner every three to six games. Increase your ball’s oil absorption by using the Adrenaline wipes every three to six games as well. The third aspect, traditional resurfacing, rounds out the maintenance plan. The three steps together give the bowler the complete package.”

The convenient wipe form means the Adrenaline product can be stored within a bowling bag without fear of breaking and leakage in the bag. In addition, the product travels well, an important factor for tournament bowlers.  Adrenaline is made from environmentally-friendly, natural elements.  Bowlers will notice an odor when they open the Adrenaline wipes package, but the odor comes from the fact that this is a completely and natural product. 

To use Adrenaline, simply wipe the ball with the Adrenaline Wipe, and follow up with a dry cloth. Over time, the ball will maintain consistent performance longer versus a ball that didn’t have the benefit of Adrenaline use.

“Today’s reactive coverstocks are pushing the limits on oil absorption,” explained Powerhouse Brand Manager Rich Hanson. “Bowlers want more and more hook, but they expect their equipment to last longer as well. Powerhouse continues to push proper maintenance; now we have something really special to make their balls perform even better longer.”

“Adrenaline is a great fit for the Powerhouse brand,” added Hanson. “We’ve really got everything a bowler and a pro shop needs to maintain bowling equipment.”

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